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Remote Work ⚡ by Roots

HR Tools Built for Distributed Teams

Roots streamlines your internal communications & HR processes in Slack, so everyone stays in the loop regardless of location. It's a perfect solution for distributed or remote-first companies looking to keep their teams engaged and aligned from afar!

We live and breathe remote work every single day.

Roots has been a remote-first company since day one and will continue to be. So we know the pains and challenges that come with managing a distributed team. Our plugins are carefully crafted with the remote experience in mind.

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"Remote teams need simple, effective Slack tools. Roots has nailed the blend of simplicity and power when it comes to managing HR. I am a believer."
Ben Congleton, CEO and CoFounder
35 employees, fully remote

We're backed by remote-first leaders like GitLab and Toptal.

GitLab and Toptal, two of the largest fully remote companies in the world with team members in over 67+ countries, are proud customers of Roots.

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We have an award-winning list of HR plugins for you to choose from.

Whatever areas of HR you need support in - from time off, to onboarding, to 1-on-1s and everything in between - we've got you covered. Our plugins see over 92% engagement from users on average, so no more pulling teeth to keep your remote team members in the loop and engaged.

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Explore some of the best-in-class plugins that are ⚡ by Roots...