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Referrals ⚡ by Roots

Boost Your Employee Referral Program

Keep referrals top of mind and lower those recruitment costs! Streamline the candidate referral experience for your team right in Slack.

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Lower Recruitment Costs

Stop paying exorbitant placement fees to recruiting firms. Instead, empower your team to help with hiring.

Improved Community

Referred hires already have allies upon entering your company, which means they're far more likely to stick around.

Reduced Time to Hire

You can cut down on screening calls knowing that referred candidates tend to be more qualified leads.

FAQ Worried about diversity with referrals? You can choose to engage specific ERG's or affinity groups in Slack with our job boosts, allowing you to drive your DEI initiatives forward. Learn more here.

Keeps referrals top of mind.

Referrals ⚡ by Roots lets you create automated announcements in Slack for those hard-to-fill jobs. You can highlight specific departments, postings with the least amount of applications or longest time since posting.

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Makes submitting a breeze.

Your employees no longer have to dig to find open jobs or figure out how to submit a referral. With two clicks in Slack, a referral is submitted and Referrals ⚡ by Roots transfers the info to your applicant tracking system (ATS).

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Gamifies your program.

Referrals ⚡ by Roots can help create a sense of competition with candidate referrals - between individuals, teams, or departments - so that your pool of qualified candidates is constantly increasing.

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Available Integrations

Links to your ATS or careers page

Open jobs are automatically synced and sourced from your current recruiting system.

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