NEW PLUGIN: Our Pulse Survey plugin is now available, and it's a home run for every organization!
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HR Tools Built for Scaling Startups

Not ready to commit to an expensive and bulky HRIS? Modularize your HRIS in a seamless and cost-effective way by choosing Roots' plugins to power your team!

Maintain one user directory for all of your Slack and HR plugins.

Once you sync employee information with Roots, it's ready to be dispersed to all plugins ⚡ by Roots and to any product or plugin that is a part of our partner ecosystem. No more managing apps or user information in separate locations!

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Pick and choose from our list of award-winning HR plugins.

Whatever areas of HR you need support in - from time off, to onboarding, to 1-on-1s and everything in between - we've got you covered. And our à la carte style pricing allows you to only pay for the plugins you need.

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Consolidate your HR data and employee health metrics into one place.

Every plugin that is part of the Roots ecosystem feeds employee data back into Roots - where you can view, sort, filter and comprehensively analyze that data, giving you the perfect view to keep a pulse on your growing team.

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Explore some of the best-in-class plugins that are ⚡ by Roots...