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Enterprise HR Analytics ⚡ by Roots

A People-Data Platform Built for the Enterprise

Too many point solutions in your HR tech stack? Data too siloed to perform any real or impactful analysis? Roots can plug into every area of HR and its corresponding systems, allowing you to consolidate and analyze data from one central location.

Improve your datasets with engaging HR tools built in Slack.

Your employees loathe big, bulky platforms and extra logins - and their lack of engagement can be limiting for data. So give them a more streamlined and employee-friendly version of HR built in Slack. Our plugins see 92% engagement from users on average, which means more robust data sets for you to work with.

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Integrate our plugins with your existing systems and applications.

Roots' plugins are designed to complement the systems you already have in place - whether it's your HRIS, ATS, performance management systems, IT systems, or more - with 2-way sync available wherever possible. We're constantly adding more integrations, so reach out if you don't see your system listed.

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Consolidate your HR data and employee health metrics into one place.

Every plugin that is part of the Roots ecosystem feeds employee data back into Roots, alongside any data pulled from your integrated systems. Our dashboard gives you a consolidated and comprehensive view of all employee data, allowing you to sort, filter and analyze that data in plug-and-play fashion.

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