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How Can Referrals by Roots Help Drive Diversity?

Recruiters often fear that scaling referrals means undercutting diversity. That's not the case with Referrals ⚡ by Roots, thanks to its one-of-a-kind "Job Boosts"!

Set up ERG's / Affinity Groups in Slack.

If you have diversity initiatives or hiring goals, you should already be doing this. Employee resource groups (ERG's) and affinity groups can help build a sense of community and inclusion.

Engage those groups with a job boost.

Referrals ⚡ by Roots lets you create automated announcements in Slack to highlight your hard-to-fill jobs and drive referrals. With complete control over which channels receive these announcements, you can choose to engage ERG's or affinity groups to help fill certain roles.

Source candidates consistent with that group.

You've worked hard to build a base level of diversity at your organization - now tap into that. Leverage your team's unique experiences, backgrounds, and networks to help grow and diversify your talent pool.

Curate referrals at scale.
Diversify your talent pool.

Join 100's of teams worldwide who are using Referrals ⚡ by Roots to manage and scale referrals responsibly. Start your free 30-day trial today!