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Org Chart ⚡ by Roots

Visualize Your Org, Keep Teams Aligned

Give your team easy visibility into org / reporting structure and send real-time notifications in Slack for user joins, info changes, birthdays, work anniversaries and more!

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Easy Access to Org Info

By living in Slack, Roots offers employees an easy access point to find org information, saving time and energy and limiting frustration.

Cost-Effective Option

Why shell out for a big, bulky platform that your employees will never log into? Roots offers a lightweight and affordable option that your team is sure to love.

Seamless Integrations

Connect Roots to your HRIS or IT system with a few easy clicks to automatically update user profiles. No engineering required.

A powerful visualization tool, automatically updated.

Our org chart makes it easy for users to see who reports to who, how departments fit together, and to learn more about people they work with. But the best part? You can integrate Roots with your HRIS / IT system to automatically update profiles.

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Keep your team in the loop on important org changes.

Real-time notifications or daily and weekly digests in Slack can help you highlight new hires, org changes, departures, and work anniversaries quickly and efficiently. No more manual announcements!

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Make it easier for team members to find help.

Ever experienced a roadblock at work and not been able find the person who could help you fix it? Trick question - we've all been there! With Roots, users can tag their profiles with skills and areas of expertise which become searchable, making it easy for team members to find the help they need.

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Improve visibility and lines of communication across your org!

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