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What is Roots?

A Flexible HR Management Platform

Roots is a suite of lightweight, employee-friendly HR plugins designed to meet employees where they prefer to be: in Slack. With +90% adoption rates across the board, you can rest assured that you're finally buying HR tools your team members will actually use!

Pick and choose from our list of award-winning HR plugins.

Whatever areas of HR you need support in - from time off, to onboarding, to 1-on-1s and everything in between - we've got you covered. And our flexible pricing tiers allow you to only pay for the plugins you need.

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Consolidate your HR data and employee health metrics into one place.

Every plugin that is part of the Roots ecosystem feeds employee data back into Roots - where you can view, sort, filter and comprehensively analyze that data and the health and engagement levels of your organization.

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Pinpoint problem areas and predict employees who are at risk of churn.

Making Roots an HR data hub allows it to slowly recognize and predict data trends which lead up to significant moments in the employee lifecycle - promotions, disengagement, departures, etc. - helping you pinpoint problem areas and take action quickly!

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Automatic User Authorization

At Roots, we're focused on integrations to make your life easy. In a matter of minutes, you can sync your system of choice and begin authorizing users for our plugins. Don't see your system listed? Don't worry! We're adding more and more integrations each month. Reach out and we'll see if we can add your system to the list.

Explore some of the best-in-class plugins that are ⚡ by Roots...