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Our Mission

To help organizations foster employee growth and success.

Our vision for Roots is to become the foundational HR layer on which all organizations grow. Founded in 2017 by two friends navigating the corporate world, Roots is dedicated to reshaping HR, to ridding the workplace of bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy, and to positively impacting employee wellness, productivity, and retention.

Meet the Team
We like to be


Roots was born out of a desire to move faster at work, as we always felt bogged down by bureaucracy and needless processes in our prior jobs. We believe the future of work is agile and we want to be a part of that movement.
We love to

Help People

When we first sat down to build Roots, we discussed our goals for founding the company - our core driver was and still is that we want to make meaningful change in the world, to positively impact people's lives.
We want to

Streamline HR

HR folks are all-stars and work hard every day to give us the best work-lives possible. By freeing them up from the manual processes and bulky tech they're accustomed to, we hope they'll get back to what they do best: elevating people.
Meet the Builders Behind Roots

Our Amazing Team

Kevin Corliss

CEO & Founder
When Kevin is not working, you can find him outdoors - hiking, fishing, skiing - or at a craft brewery with his wife trying their Hazy IPA's.

Kevin lives in Seattle, Washington.

Doug Franklin

CTO & Co-founder
When Doug is not working, you can find him at the climbing gym, camping, eating feta cheese, or investing in crytocurrencies.

Doug lives in San Francisco, California.

Jarron Tate

Director of Sales
When JT is not working, you can find him at the baseball field coaching his son's team or hanging out at the pool with his wife and 3 kids.

JT lives in Greta, Nebraska.

Morgan O'Marro

Customer Success Manager
When Morgan is not working, you can find her at Disneyland, trying new recipes at home, or hanging out with her dog, Cooper.

Morgan lives in San Diego, California.

Ivan Miljkovic

Back-end Engineer
When Ivan is not working, you can find him hiking, skiing, having a few beers, or hanging out with his dog, Leia.

Ivan lives in Belgrade, Serbia.

Marcio Alves

Front-end Engineer
When Marcio is not working, you can find him eating fettucine carbonara, watching Iron Man on repeat, or hanging out with his wife.

Marcio lives in Belvaux, Luxembourg.

Want to be part of our team?

We are a 100% remote company (with members primarily based in the U.S.), looking for talented and passionate people from around the world to join us in our mission to help companies foster employee growth and success.

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