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1-on-1s ⚡ by Roots

Organize Your Weekly Check-ins

Help managers and direct reports better prepare for, conduct, and track their 1-on-1s - all from the comfort of Slack. Perfect for scaling startups and remote organizations.

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Build a Strong Foundation

89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing manager feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes.

Try a More Agile Approach

9 out of 10 users say the plugin "drastically improved communications" with their manager and/or direct reports.

Documentation is Critical

Properly documenting 1-on-1s gives team members actionable feedback to reference week-to-week, and HR teams powerful insights around the health of their team.

Align on talking points with ease.

Make it easy for managers and their direct reports to plan and prepare for upcoming 1-on-1s and align on talking points. A shared Slack channel with built-in reminders encourages collaboration, shared agendas, and mutual ownership of meetings.

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Give and get real-time feedback.

Healthy and strong cultures start with feedback. An outgoing survey at the conclusion of each 1-on-1 documents action items, progress, and perspective on the week prior / ahead - giving each user actionable feedback to reference and work on.

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Track 1-on-1 history to see trends in performance or mood.

Using 1-on-1s as a point of reference, it's easy to see how team members are tracking throughout the year. Our robust reporting can allow you to pinpoint interpersonal conflicts and problem areas quickly, as well as offer complementary data for your quarterly and annual performance reviews.

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